This release has backwards-incompatible changes. Please check the Backwards-incompatible changes section further down and update your scripts accordingly. The full Talon changelog is also linked on the website at https://talonvoice.com if you need to reference these changes later.

Backwards-incompatible changes

Some breaking changes have been made. Please check your Talon log and fix/update any broken scripts. A longer changelog is after this section.

Any scripts that import a built-in Talon plugin, such as eye_zoom_mouse, eye_mouse, eye_keyboard will need to do so from the new import path under talon_plugins.

Old examples:

import eye_mouse from eye_mouse import tracker

New import path:

from talon_plugins import eye_mouse from talon_plugins.eye_mouse import tracker

Talon has a built-in Speech Recognition toggle now. If you use voice commands to enable/disable speech recognition, they will continue to work, but they won't synchronize with the menu checkbox anymore. Please update these scripts based on the new speech_toggle.py script, and make sure to call talon_plugins.speech.set_enabled instead of the old set_enabled function from speech_toggle.py.

Talon plugins such as eye_mouse use a new "toggle" system for enable/disable. Any scripts, including the old eye_control.py will be broken. Please update these scripts to use the API demonstrated in the new eye_control.py script.